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Your Dream Pokémon Game: Why It Won't Happen Anytime Soon

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Anyone has who has played any Pokémon game has wondered at some point why Nintendo has yet to develop a full-fledged, 3D open-world Pokémon game. One of the most successful handheld gaming series of all time still has not transferred over to the Nintendo's gaming consoles with great success (Colosseum and XD are definitely not our dream game). This Pokémon "dream game" would surely be one of the best ways to influence consumers to buy the Wii U or future gaming consoles Nintendo might release. Assuming Nintendo decided to announce plans for this "dream game," the amount of hype from nostalgia-ridden college students and skepticism from Colosseum and XD critics would surely stir up the Internet more than the SOPA debacle. This is a game people dearly want, and yet Nintendo shows no signs of addressing if they will ever make the game.


I believe Nintendo has not approached this subject for several main reasons:

  • Pokémon on Nintendo's handheld consoles are a huge success
  • Pokémon greatly supports Nintendo's handheld consoles
  • How the hell do they develop this "dream game"
  • This "dream game" is still a dream to them

Before we continue, "dream game" needs to be defined properly.

While I may be harsh here, anyone looking for an HD overhaul of the handheld games need only look at the Pokémon Gamecube games and imagine them with more larger, open maps and random encounters. Boom! There's your dream game, which isn't anything different at all from the handheld ones, in my personal opinion. The Pokémon Dream Game should strive to reach what is accomplished in the anime, by means of replicating how the pokémon battle each other in the anime. Pokémon is traditionally a turn-based strategy game, and the "dream game" should involve combat that is as close to possible to the anime. This means going away from turn-based combat and introducing something "more realistic" (something involving active control of pokémon, not turn-based). This is really the only thing that really needs to be mentioned, since the combat system of the "dream game" will most likely be greatest difference from the traditional games. I could say that many game are built around their combat system if their story/plot is not the focus of the game.

I was originally thinking of writing all of this in one go, but I want create longer post's for each reason, or even add more reasons to support this claim. I will try support each claim in a post, weekly, after this initial post. I will also mention that I am not against this "dream game" being made, only that I believe that it is still outside the scope of being reasonably made with our current "technology" and Nintendo's indecision.


If anyone has suggestions for my argument, has reasons that I may be wrong, or am looking over alternative outlooks, please feel free to reply. Or even if I am completely out of my mind for talking about this.

Also, help me define the "dream game" better, to truly satisfy those who want something more than a graphical overhaul.


[UPDATE]: Part II is up!

[UPDATE]: Replaced Pokemon with Pokémon (é = alt+130)

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