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Unique/Different Art Styles Can't Be That Bad, Right?

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So Aku No Hana, originally a psychological-romance (possibly horror) manga, has been adapted into an anime and the response has been horrible for those who have spoken out on the internet. They say that the art style is so terrible that it could be deemed the worst anime of this decade. Currently it is ranked with a 5.05 on myanimelist, which is really low since people who watch anime always give 8-10's.


The artstyle is apparently rotoscoped which explains why it looks so much different from typical, mainstream anime. The characters are based off real people, hence why they look "ugly" compared to idealized ones in typical anime.

Still, it feels like once people see something new and different they go ape-s^&t and declare it a abomination. I thought the first episode was slow and uneventful, but it most likely is setting the up the plot, and from what I've heard gets pretty crazy and f'ed up. I am guessing that a great deal of people couldn't get over the animation to notice what was actually happening.


Its airs on Crunchyroll this upcoming Monday, so watch there if you are against fansubbing or something.

Want Screenshots? just ask.

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