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I just stumbled upon Minecraft grieving videos on youtube. I'm not really sure how or why these people exist, because they must have some mental instability. Grieving on Minecraft, where it is not a part of the game like Dark Souls, is the equivalent to burning someones book collection, and saying, "they're just books, get over it". Sometimes I wish people could be held accountable for their actions on the internet, and that the laws in the US dealing with harassment over the internet are severely behind. I am not suggesting that there be complete censorship on the internet, rather there be a penalty for deliberately harassing and "destroying" the virtual property of overs. As pessimistic as this may sound, the internet has truly allowed humanity to show how much of it is selfish, arrogant, and inherently evil.

On a much brighter note, I started to play Dark Souls again after rage-quitting against Priscilla the Crossbreed. I finally was able to (after ~5 deaths) and could actually continue with killing the final bosses in Anor Londo. A few hours later, I rage-quit again after losing a bunch of humanity. All-in-all the sense of accomplishment gotten from progressing in Dark Souls is one of the best in gaming. Hopefully Dark Souls 2 will only be better.


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